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by Alastair R Agutter (Publishing Editor) 26th November 2022

A big and warm welcome to our Pineapple Blue Computing Tech News and Updates, as we continue to help contribute in "Advancing the Human Story and Journey for the Greater Good". And there has never been a greater time for technology to play it's part when we are confronted with raving lunatics and Mad Men who would end the World to tomorrow like Trump, Putin, and kim. Plus the very real threat of Climate Change going beyond the point of no return.

I know many of us get turned off by mountains of bad news, but at the same time it is so important and critical to be in the know, as these events affect all our lives, like in the form of energy costs, food, and also the products and services we want. These are all affected by these nut jobs like Putin, using food and energy as a weapon. The pandemic we are still fighting, causing massive shipping delays and inflation costs leading to higher price products and parts we use, or aim to get, to help our lives and aspirations as technology buffs and enthusiasts.

A Price Crazy Tech World

I can't believe the cost and price of computer parts and technology this year, they have gone through the roof, crazy in price, where many of the parts have doubled if you are doing a custom home-made computer build. And this will have a massive affect on our industry vendors and suppliers, just as they are about to release this years newest products normally around this time of year. And it is expected new releases will include Ram, Tomahawk Mother Boards progressing on from the Z690, and AMD's new processor offerings.

Vendors have said in the press and Custom PC Magazine, that they will do everything they can to keep the prices down on parts. But currently with the increases and a tally up on parts for builds. A £1,000 of parts will now cost you over £1,800 this year. Now, where in the past we have seen products reduce overtime in price, with this continued world of turbulence, inflation and insanity, this does not look possible at this time and we could be in for the long haul, a normal cycle period in recent decades since the 1980's, has been around 5 years. So buckle up as they say, Computer Buffs, Enthusiasts, and Small Business Retailers.

Custom PC Shack News

After a long time of illness, I have provided a frank and honest update as to where we are, regarding Pineapple Blue and planned future builds and insights to custom PC's in a future book planned, along with another series of publications in the form of Academic Papers and a Book on Quantum Computing, a topic that is being research now in earnest at Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Cambridge and Oxford.

A few years back, I wrote a book "Titled Creating the New Internet Super Highway" that begins to delve into the realms of Quantum, as I explained and explored how you can create and develop a Virtual World of Computing Advancement. Exploring and explaining packet data, rate of travel, the speed of light, photons, and the behaviour of this environment. And from that knowledge in the book, you are able to develop and use the

virtual technology tools to create super fast web sites for the waiting user. With the development and creation of Quantum Computing, the current thoughts in academic fields is to utilize and transition using classic computers. But in all honesty, from my research and study so far, as I continue to write up my notes on the subject for publication, whilst we will be able to gather data and progress with classic computers, the actual environment and hardware for Quantum, will have to encompass additional Cosmic and Earth based minerals, to serve as functioning parts and conductors. Custom PC Shack News Updates >>

The Pineapple Blue Shop Opens

After two previous half hearted attempts before in recent years to open The Pineapple Blue Shop, it has now become obvious as the World Wide Web Geographical Landscape changes yet again, and this time showing more signs of uncertainty compared to the Dot.Com crash of the late 90's that Pineapple Blue and I survived as a brand and service. I am convinced we have to be more insulated regarding our brand and products. Only 2 years ago our Music Publishing arm of the Amazon Group ceased production of CD Rom and Blue Ray manufacture. Regrettably, however much I begged, pleaded, and gave plausible

reason, as to why not to shut the operation down, the decision was taken, causing hardship to many music artists reliant on the service. I see tragically before me at this time, many uncertain aspects to our industry, as the pieces are once again thrown up into the air. And so to protect certain products, especially our iconic merchandise collectors items, and our unique reference and educational books, that are essential points of reference in our lives for greater knowledge. I know these such treasures and unique items need protecting, and must always be available for society at large. For if it were not for dedicated and devoted fools like myself, and many notable others over the ages, including; Edison and Tesla, who financially struggled over the years, as they placed greater importance on discovery to benefit the human story and journey for the greater good. And for if it were not for that dedication and service to society over the ages, we would all still all be living in caves.

Today we witness the power of ignorance from a lack of knowledge and education in many parts of the World, and none more so than in Ukraine, where Russian invading forces are committing war crimes against the civilian population on a daily basis, and paid-off by Putin's dirty Russian Oil Money.

And so, to ensure we keep this old show on the road that turns 30 years of age next year, and continuing to serve the community with creative light in design and innovation. Our New Web Surfer Customers and Patrons can be rest assured that The Pineapple Blue Shop will be open so customers can seek out our Reference and Educational Books for Early Learning, Hobbies, Interests, and Pastimes.

And so, The Pineapple Blue Shop along with our Music and Iconic Collectors Merchandise will be open 247. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your Grand Daughters favourite Children's early learning reading book. Or open for our Tropical Fish Hobbyist seeking out specialist books on Discus and Tropical Fish. We at The Pineapple Blue Shop will be open for you, even as the World dramatically changes around us. Thank You for Reading!

Sincere Best Wishes,

Alastair Agutter

Pineapple Blue Founder