Green Technology

A New Technology Dawn

by Alastair R Agutter (Publishing Editor) 22nd November 2022

It was once said "It was an Empire where the Sun never set." The arrival of Rishi Sunak British Prime Minister could mean great wealth for both Commonwealth Nations of mighty India and Great Britain, as Trade and Family ties become rekindled. There has never been a greater time with our first Asian Indian PM than now, to formulate a great partnership in the UK with Indian for Green Technology. The UK is not of the size to manufacture huge wind turbines today, but India certainly is, and a skilled manufacturer.

I have always had a special affinity and love for India and it's Folk. Yes, and like many, I have books on the Great man of the past, the Mahatma, who they say was the Father of the Nation, Gandhi. And as a mere humble soul, I am not one to argue with that!

As when Barack Obama was elected to be President of the United States of America, it greatly warmed my heart, as it was also the case when Rishi Sunak was chosen to be the new Conservative Leader of their party, progressing to the realms of British Prime Minister. For as these great moments take place across the world, and with all our troubles and strife, including Conflict and Climate Change, it does provide me with a glimmering flame of hope, to where I finally think, finally we are beginning to extinguish the flames of racism, hate, and ignorance to many parts of the World.

Today, Great Britain is no longer a Colonial Empire Power, but we are still "Great" as a fabulous Multicultural Society of great creatives minds and a tolerant peace loving people. For those who do not know, in the modern world over 60% of the World's inventions were created on these small islands that consist of 5 Countries; England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the European Union Republic of Ireland (Eire).

Today we do not seek conquests, or conflict, as a former European Imperialist Power, but trade and commerce to the world, exporting from our engine rooms of design and creativity, brilliantly fabulous new products, to improve the lives of the entire world, nearing 8 billion of our Folk today!

With all the great challenges we face, and the most gravest being Climate Change. With the appointment of Rishi Sunak, as our first Asian Indian British Prime Minister, this is not a time to just sit back and wait for the waters of history and climate change to wash around our feet. No, this is a time for action, and more than at anytime in our brief history on this planet as a species.

This is the time of a new dawn, and one of a family tied Commonwealth Partnership, between the mighty nations of India and Great Britain. And so once again, but in peace time, we can press the production line buttons to activate a green industry, industrialized world of commerce, like never before in our history. And on a scale like never before, so the Commonwealth Partnership of India and Great Britain is able to fuel the flames of hope once again, day and night, as we create, design, and develop, great products, green and renewable's, big and small. Supplying the entire Commonwealth of Nations, and the World with our unique goods and services, so we can win the war against Climate Change once and for all, for every man, women, and child, for all of mankind, and finally, most importantly of all, save our beloved Mother Earth, our only home!

In recent times regrettably, The United Kingdom has failed miserably as a result of weak political leadership and direction. But now with the appointment of Rishi Sunak as British Prime Minister, I am confident with support of politicians, putting the welfare of the Country first, before their own miserable careers, which has appeared to of been the case in recent years, a great future beholds all of our Folk for employment opportunity, and a far better standard of living and way of life.

Now is the time to also lay the ground work for an effieicient and productive society, so we can deliver for the rest of the World. This does require investment in infrastructure, but something that should of been done decades ago and by successive Governments of the Labour and Conservatives. I am not interested in left or right tribal politics, I am just interested in our society growing and thriving as one. And will require changes to our Taxation and Benefits system, including National Insurance and Care in the Community.

In the recent Truss nonsense and debacle, we heard "Growth, Growth and Growth." Growth of what I asked, for I knew Truss and her cronies were clueless and never had a plan. And was just going to be reliant on the Banking and Finance Service Sector to deliver the Taxation revenue! But I have news for you all, London is no longer the number one European Capital for Banking. Since Brexit, and as warned by countless thousands, including myself. Bankers and Businesses if Brexit happened would be pulling out of London and other parts of Blighty, and moving operations to Europe. But as a result of Politicians and Political Leaders of the Conservative Party listening to the Brexit bullies, the health and well-being of the Nation was no longer a consideration. Their only aim and thought by the Brexiteers was to get out of the European Union at all costs, so they can live in their huge Mansions, paying little or no tax at all, and with an accountant and rainy day fund down in the Bahamas!

Even our former Prime Minister Boris Johnson Capitalized on the Brexit conundrum to seize power as Prime Minister, by weighing up two options that he even wrote articles for, and to be published in the Telegraph, or Times. Johnson decided to opt for Brexit, as a faster route to Prime Ministerial power, putting yet again career first, before the welfare of the Nation and her people!

So I am really hoping this time, our new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak with the aid and support of other Leaders and Nations such as Prime Minister Modi of India, and Joe Biden of the United States of America. Britain can set a new and steady course into the future, one that navigates and takes into consideration the future way of working, our lifestyles, productivity and efficiency from infrastructure, as automation and AI (artificial intelligence) starts to take a greater productive role in our way of life. And where we start to use the great talents of all our Folk, from all walks of life, and so drawing from the great multicultural society pool of Great Britain.

Our Government needs to start learning about how to work in partnership with British business like other successful economies such as the; USA, India, and China. To ensure the delivery of infrastructure, the investment in key market areas, stakes in semi-conductor based sites in the UK, and investment funding facilities for Businesses to deliver the required production, to meet demand and to service orders successfully.

Education has the same issues and need to change. Business, Government and Education needs to develop educational campuses, so students of technology and AI are able to work and learn on Real-Time Projects. Because with AI and Technology, the rate of advancement is so fast, Masters Degrees in these fields are out of date, by the time Students become post graduates and leave.

We as a Nation have the people and the skills to deliver for the world, but we need to re-shape our operations across the board, to meet this new and advancing age of competition and climate recovery!