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by Alastair R Agutter (Publishing Editor) 26th November 2022

Hi Guys, I have just recently moved which has been an exercise in itself and a complete nightmare, but still keeping calm and carrying on as they say, whilst I still battle Long-Covid, that has knocked me for six, giving me brain fog, loss of balance walking and nerves shot to pieces, in addition to my heart disease. But as Chris said from Shopify the other day, "I'm a trooper!" and those kind words from Chris and other Folk mean a lot to me, for it really has been tough going!

And so I am really sorry for not being able to contribute to my web friends and students of the world in these past few years, as we try to advance the human story and journey for the greater good.

And so, as Arnie would say; "I'm Back" or at least getting there with all the pills slowly. But these past few weeks I have been busy, writing up my notes for you all regarding; "Quantum Computing". And the good news here is, I am making some headway and progress.

In the "Pic" A Maverick File Server Build

The picture above is one I took yesterday evening, of a Server build I am undertaking, using a Corsair Chasis, so I can make sure I can store all data as we all move forward. I need something fast and durable, and so I am using a "Tomahawk 490z Motherboard" and going for an "iCore Series Processor" with a 3.6 to 3.8 Ghz capacity. I don't want burn out as they say, so I won't be adjusting, or overclocking. I just want a boringly reliable File Server that is Super Fast and efficient to store data.

I know at this time everybody is still going mad about "The Cloud, the Cloud" and in fact if I recall, and still having my old badge somewhere. I went to I think one of Microsoft's very 1st Cloud Conferences at Victoria Street, London, a good few years back now. And so be rest assured, I "the old man" is not loosing the plot here, I have my reservations about certain things and still not made my final judgement on the case of cloud, even though of course, I am using the cloud here for our Pineapple Blue Network Web Service ( with our friends and Partners here on the Google Platform and Network.

So what's on the menu at the moment as they say?

Well, subject to health, death, and hell freezing over. I am currently writing articles and updating also the entire Pineapple Blue Network here with friends at Google, and also finally, once and for all,setting up a Shop with Shopify, to sell my Books, Music, Ringtones, a Market Place for dispersal of hardware, and our Collectors Merchandise that includes Tee Shirts, Mugs, Pens etc.....of our retro web Pineapple Blue historical iconic brand. As I need the funds to reinvest in the day to day running costs of Pineapple Blue, and the research and development costs, that has always continued at Pineapple Blue for nearly 30 years.

Also continue to write up my notes for Quantum Computing, so I can produce publications on the subject, in academic paper form, and eventually in book form (Digital, Paperback, and Hardback). Also continue to write up The Pineapple Blue Creative Design Manual and Book, plus produce a second edition book on Climate Change, a New Discus Tropical Fish Book 3rd Edition, and finally the release of two Music Albums, The White Dove Album, and The Havana Coffee House Album, recorded in true sound here in London, England, and then the Masters sent to friends at Philadelphia in the USA, and released for streaming, downloads, digital, CD Rom, Cassette, and eventually Vinyl.

Advancing the Human Story and Journey for the Greater Good

And so you can imagine and appreciate how frustrated I have been these past three years. Some Folk say "how can he do all these things?" Well, the asnwer to that is quiet simple, Firstly, my generation had very little growing up and so we busied ourselves with hobbies and interests, plus the School curriculum covered all these areas in Art, Woodwork, engineering etc. And lastly, and most importantly, my Father Horace Agutter was an Eminent Architectural Model Maker, Scientist, and Engineer, with past exhibits in the Science Museum London, England. He my friends was a perfectionist, and by the age of 4 years, I was using a Myford Super 7 Lathe, and welding plastic together with Chloroform.

I do not only write the work, but design, and produce everything. All the book and music covers, all the production, recordings, leading to final manuscripts and masters, ready for print, pressing and release.

Pineapple Blue produces specialist educational and reference books, for the greater good for example, it would never be financially viable to have this work contracted out, it would cost too much, and so very sadly this very treasured, very valuable and noble work, would never get published and see the light of day!

As for Computers and Computing, I have always loved building dragsters of tech, super fast computers for over 35 years, and today still enjoy building them when I have the time, as an able Computer Scientist and Engineer. And hope to make and sell a few this year and next, to help with the costs, and the cost of living like all of us, leading to a book on the subject (LOL), that would very soon no doubt become out of date very quickly, as technology continues to race at an exponential rate.

Thanks for reading my latest Tech News and blog, please check out The Pineapple Blue Shop in the coming days and weeks for some great items I am selling-off and also our iconic merchandise.

All the very Best and Sincere Best Wishes,


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