Custom PC Shack

Welcome to Pineapple Blue's Custom PC Shack:

For the Serious User, Next Generation Hand Built Custom Computer Systems, with the latest inspired designs and technology, delivering Turbo Power, Hot Ram and Attitude!

Serving Essex, London and the World.

Hi Guys, I am finally updating the entire Pineapple Blue Web Site with our new web site design creations, so the bird has the word, for our Great Products and Services, including; our very serious mother of all Custom Systems here at the "Custom PC Shack" just outside of London, down in Essex. Tons happening at the moment with great designs and builds planned. None of these systems are your off the shelf retail offerings. If like me over the years, 35 years in fact, professionally as a Computer Scientist, Designer, Author, Musician and Songwriter, I have always been in need for some very serious hussle and performance when it comes to Computer Systems.

And obviously not your retail Mickey Mouse PC's that tend to crash after about 24 hours and runs at a snails pace. At the "Custom PC Shack" each system will be hand built and designed to meet each and every single clients requirements, whether you are a designer, builder, producer, musician, filmmaker, gamer, or for luxurious Lifestyle home entertainment. We will have the latest and most innovative inspirational designs with 4th, 5th, 9th, and 12th generation hardware technology for you!

So keep coming back in the days, weeks and months, as we update you with our latest news and creations here at our new web site on our Pineapple Blue Network and Google Platform. Thank You!

Cheers All, Alastair Agutter Founder

18th May 2022