Early Learning

Traditional Early Learning Books with Scientific Modern Day Technology Methods and Advances with each book's illustrations created in Fractals for easy Human Being Child Development recognition and processing.

Early Learning

Dear Parents and Teachers, Children's Education and Child Development is integral and critical to us at Pineapple Blue, to advance the Human Story and Journey for the greater good, and the preservation of all life on Earth. And we are humbled and proud to introduce to you "The Children's Weebies Books" for early learning, created and developed by our founder Alastair R Agutter in Fractals.

Children's Early Education

The Children's Weebies Family of Books goes far beyond the conventional realms of Children's Books and the status quo in Education. For we know and understand from the birth of a baby, to a Child's infancy, this is the most critical fast absorbing time of neurological processing in a Human Beings life-time. And these books have been scientifically designed to enable rapid child development, in the processing and comprehension of all that is presented to them in a logical configuration and understanding to infants. Every book has vibrant colours and illustrations to stimulate, encouraging drawing and painting, thus in turn developing hand and eye co-ordination skills at an early age, all designed in Fractal Maths. So what are Fractals you ask?

What Are Fractals?

It was in fact Benoit Mandelbrot, who was a French American Mathematician living in the United States of America, who became a preeminently recognized Scientist in the world of Fractal Geometry. In 1958 Mandelbrot began a 35 years career at IBM, becoming a Fellow, and also taking occasional time away to teach at Harvard University as a Professor of Science, Futures, and Economics. Whilst working at IBM with access to Computers, Mandelbrot developed computer graphics and images in the form of Fractal Geometry, leading onto his fractal discoveries, and being accredited for, with; the Mandelbrot Set in 1980. Mandelbrot discovered that what we would describe as rough edges, or chaos to a shoreline, or area of forestry, actually had degrees of order.

Mandelbrot was a remarkable Scientist in many fields, and from his research, he discovered all that we often describe as chaotic is not so, for there exists a formula of order throughout the Cosmos, and was often coined by Sir Isaac Newton as "Natural Law."

It was from my research studying Mandelbrot and his discoveries at IBM in 2010 surrounding photons (light) to transport packet data (websites), that his anomaly findings from fractals created a pathway of understanding, that packet data will not always travel in a linear line of direct route, but encapsulate all options available. In other words packet data could travel and arrive at a destination by a longer route, rather than a shorter one! This information is referenced in my book "Creating the New Internet Super Highway."

Written by Alastair R Agutter - 10th December 2020

Currently updating and modifying this page: 10th December 2020

Children's Weebies Family Early Reading Book

Children's Weebies Family Early Reading Book by Alastair R Agutter, ISBN10: 1499100167, ISBN13: 978-1499100167, A5 Full Colour Illustrations and Short Stories, Published 7th April 2014, 28 Pages. Early Education Learning to Reading from a series of short stories with full colour illustrations making early learning lots of fun, created and designed in fractals. For easy early learning and each book has valuable meaning within the stories. This book teaches the importance of Family, Friends, and Love, learning to care for each other.

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