Early Learning Books

Children's Critical Start in Life

Alastair R Agutter (Publisher and Founder) 14th December 2022

Perhaps it's my age being 64, but just recently especially, when I talk to Folk about Books, the greatest topic that comes up, is care and concern for our kids learning in the future!

I always concur unanimously with these thoughts and sentiments, for as an Author, and Creator, these are the thoughts and concerns I have everyday, and here's why!

Back in 2006, when on the Microsoft Research Partners Panel, discussions were taking place between ourselves as we decided on the future of the Search Engine in existence on MSN, and the viability of acquiring Yahoo, to vastly improve this service sector on MSN, the Microsoft Online Portfolio. I was always in total favour of acquiring Yahoo, for I could see us at Microsoft getting further behind at the time, as the technology of the day, moved forward and faster, further advanced by the day, minute, and hour. And so now, as they say in Sport and Hollywood, the rest is history!

But my deep, deep concerns yet again, is trying to get across to all parents, not a select number of parents who are academically inclined, but all parents, now in this age and time, how critical it is, for a child to learn at the very earliest age, to meet the future challenges that will lay ahead and confront them. At the very top of the pile that will challenge every Child on this Planet as they grow up is; 'Climate Change', habitable survival if we do not collectively act now as a global society.

Past History Mistakes the Future Looking ahead!

For the functionality of technology in the future will be an integral operation in everyone's daily lives. And so our young Folk will have to be literate in Language, Math, and Technology. I know many parents would believe the Educational system is adequate, and meeting the needs of most Children today, but very sadly, they are wrong. In 2009, whilst on the Microsoft Partners Research Panel, I urged Microsoft for a move into developing new University models, known as Campuses, where both Education and Enterprise co-existed. So education could work on real live time projects as part of their education curriculum. And so when they finished at University, they were already up to speed with the latest programming and technology, and so then a student as a new employee, could immediately fit into the enterprise's operation models seamlessly. Sadly at the time, we all experienced the financial crash that affected all businesses, even the likes of tech giants like Microsoft, and so my suggestion and proposal was politely and graciously declined, as the "timing was regrettably wrong due to the Global Financial crash". It was not the case that my idea was wrong, for the facts and reality is; I have never been wrong when it comes to the direction and future of my industry, and the geographical landscape of the World Wide Web. Hence why major players listen, when I talk and advise freely in the interests of our future, and all of our Global Humanitarian Society, all of life in other words!

Education the Facts and the Evidence

At the time of the Financial Crash back in 2009, I was not only talking and advising Enterprise, and Governments with their monthly National Statistics Reports via the Secretary of State's for Business Office. But in deep discussion with leading Universities at Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, and Princeton, the latter is where Albert Einstein taught. With regards to changing the business model, so enterprise became 'New Era Green Enterprises' globally, and were environmentally friendly. For the reality was, and is, for the Human Species to survive here at home on Mother Earth, we have to learn to co-exist with all other life. For every other specie, be it plant, marine, or animal is a vital engine component for all of us to function and survive here on earth. We know the consequence of when one engine component fails on our car, it stops working. Fortunately for ourselves, Mother Nature is far wiser and more durable, but regrettably we have now abused her so much, she is tired, exhausted, and on the verge of giving up!

To love and repair Mother Nature and our only home Mother Earth, it is critical that we are smart enough to repair the damage we have caused. In the guide I wrote "The Reality of Climate Change", I stated that man had become a menace, from his abuse and destruction of the planet, sorry to offend. But I have been heartened with the recent statements from the United Nations Secretary General, stating exactly the same in fact, and going even further with his comments. Well done I say, it's about time!

Back in 2009, when discussing our plight with others in academic fields and universities, especially in England, I discovered even the highest of degrees in technology like a Masters, and PHD was well off the mark in it's curriculum format. One highly respected Academic from Cambridge with an MBE, claimed the Masters Degree Curriculum consisted of 80% being focused on, and devoted to File Management. And so the reality is, the pace and speed of technology advancement is far outstripping in speed the rate that education can keep up and teach by traditional methods. Only by actively learning on current technologies in a live real-time environment can our students be conversant with the technologies of the day, and be in a position to practice their newly acquired learning skills. This can therefore only be achieved by having education and enterprise co-existing with each other in the same environment.

Learning At the Very Beginning

In the next two decades, if we as Humans get our act together, and survive the ravages of Climate Change, by making amends. In technology especially, we will see many quantum leaps. Even at this time, we ourselves are exploring the realms of "Quantum Mechanics" in Computing, and with an aim to publishing our notes and findings. Also, I understand University Scientists have been running successful tests surrounding "Fusion Energy", in addition to Rolls Royce creating "Micro Nuclear Reactors" for energy and other applications. And this is now!

And so our newborns and very young today need to be learning and educated at a far more advanced level and at a far earlier age. When I developed the "Children's Weebies" for Early Learning, it was with a vision and understanding that even our Children, at the early ages of two to three years onward, need to be learning now, in preparation for the future. It is a scientific fact, a child's mind has the greatest capacity to learn at a very early age. Some of the greatest human leaps in speech and walking, are achieved at these very young ages. Such achievements can only be described as remarkable feats in human endeavour. And so from this understanding of a child's ability to learn at such an early age, and also understanding how a child is wired, in relation to the Covenant rules of Natural Law. My efforts in Early Learning with the "Children's Weebies" series of books were and are scientifically designed in "Fractal Math" that is the very gene code of evolution for all of life in Natural Branching and Natural Law to thrive and exist. Regrettably, and to my great frustration, only books of the commercial money making world gets the air time coverage to generate vast book sales, as a result of the power of the pound and the dollar. And very sadly, many children's books today are only considered for their earning value for the publisher, and sadly, many of the publications of no scientific, or educational merit, we see commercially churned out today, and the only consideration for profit, with no true regard or consideration surrounding the importance of content value, to help advance a child in their early educational years of learning. Only the commercial publishers balance sheet their profit and loss, is therefore only ever really scrutinized to any serious degree still today!

Pineapple Blue and Amazon's Partner Investment into Early Learning

But if we are to advance the human story and journey in a modern new world, protecting the environment and being highly educated responsible Human Beings, it begins now, starting with reviewers of the media, and educational institutes understanding the publications required must be educational and not just aesthetically pleasing. I am so concerned and passionate about this critical situation yet again we have placed ourselves in, here at home in the United Kingdom and the United States, along with Partner Commonwealth Countries. I have decided to take the plunge with partners at Amazon, where Pineapple Blue and Amazon, publish and distribute an entirely new series of the Children's Weebies Books in Hardcover and full colour illustrated.

I loved creating the Children's Weebies Books, inspired by my Daughter, and each book having a very important focus and meaning, to help create a marvellous well rounded educated caring child at an early age. Children's Weebies Early Reading Book 1, has a theme running through it as a child learns to read, Children's Weebies Early Reading Book 1 is about the importance of family and love. Each book has an important message and theme. Each book also has brilliant vibrant illustrations all created in fractals, so a child understands almost immediately and finds it easier to learn, as this is how all of Nature, and all of life exists and functions as a result of being wired in fractals. The reason why a child at an early age draws with circles, squares, and rectangles, regarding the images they create, is because of their wired brain thought patterns functioning in fractals.

To meet the new challenges of tomorrow, our Children need to be learning in earnest now as mentioned earlier. At this time, as a result of their structured and more advanced educational programme. Our Chinese Brothers and Sisters are churning out per month over 18 million Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. All computer literate, and up to speed with today's modern technology.

Investment by Government can no longer be based on words and false promises, nor can the education system in the private sector produce the candidates and applicants we need. We have to take a big picture and more dynamic view of our education, and business industry sectors, understanding in a new world, not only does Education have to co-exist with Enterprise. But Government also has to have long term plans, not five years cycles of Political Party Government and co-exist with Enterprise, to produce the successful well ran New Era Green Enterprises of tomorrow, that serves the communities for education and employment opportunity, and thus in turn delivers for Great Britain Plc a vibrant, highly advanced export market for the entire world to embrace, and one created, that our Folk can benefit from, to enjoy a far better and more secure lifestyle. Well that takes action and brass, as they say up North!

To be a technology Super Power, that the politicians keep seeking to verbally promote and allude too, takes action and investment by Government!