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Our Latest News and Projects @ Pineapple Blue: Insight

Dear Patrons and Customers, A very warm welcome for news of our latest projects and insight to our future plans at Pineapple Blue. At present as we all know, things are tough for our Folk with the Cost of Living, and things like Books and Music are taking a bit of a back seat like many luxury goods. Fortunately, I have been around long enough to understand the current geographical landscape, and so in this time of slowdown and recession, rather than cut back which is the mistake Governments make, rather than invest. Our Creative Workload is febrile in a positive sense, with many things happening!

The first thing I am working on, is updating our three main web sites, which is a large enough undertaking in itself. Secondly, working on a new Music Album, after just releasing "The White Dove Album" on Apple. On the Pineapple Blue Independent Records side also we are forming a new band for future work. The unique name has been registered internationally "The White Dove Band" and as well as having dedicated web pages here, on the Pineapple Blue Network, here at Google.

We have also gone onto Bandzoogle.Com (password: FdAA12fSTN) with the band, and have a web site here that we will be designing and updating soon for our Music and News. Thirdly, as a parent and grandparent myself, and with the recent pandemic, and knowing how technology is advancing, I am very concerned about our Children's Education. And so for early learning, nursery, and infants, we will be producing the Children's Weebies Series of Books in Full Colour Hard Back Covers with our friends at Amazon. Pineapple Blue will be designing the new covers and layouts, then publishing, and Amazon will be printing and distributing world-wide the books. The Children's Weebies Books in fabulous full colour and with Hard Covers will be more durable and last longer. Lastly, in the coming months, there will be some other books getting hard covers, and also one, or two, new revised editions, plus this coming year finally, a new fifth Tropical Fish Journal, and a Third Edition of The Discus Book.

More Updates Coming, please return again. Thank You!

Last Modified: 20th December 2022