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Alastair Agutter Founder of Pineapple Blue in the Fish House back in 1988

In the Fish House

Alastair R Agutter (Publisher and Founder) 24th December 2022

Dear Fellow Aquarists and Friends, Firstly I apologize for not writing these 'FREE' articles earlier that I had planned. But regrettably, a few years back now, just before Covid19, I suffered Heart Failure! And then, when the Pandemic turned up, the Corona Virus, I contracted the virus on the 6th of April 2020, pretty much towards the start of the virus reaching the United Kingdom. It was tough going for a while, I felt for a few days that I had

an anvil on my chest, and spluttered for England. And regrettably, suffered with Long Covid and Heart Disease, that continues to trouble me today. I also rattle, from the amount of pills I take, to keep me a live, and to also quell my Arthritis. So these days, things have been a little tough, to say the least. And I am only very gingerly getting back on my feet to some degree these days, and making the most of my health when feeling well, as it comes and goes, in truth, it's bloody miserable. So when I am feeling well, I work all the hours the Lord graciously sends me, to get my articles published for you all. And to also get up some other critical publications and papers, in the interests of society at large concerning Climate Change and Education. By the way, the black and white picture above is one of myself in the fish house, back in 1988. I was taking a General Hardness Reading of the Water in a Breeding tank of Turquoise Red Strain 5 Discus I was successfully breeding, and for the best results, I found when my tap water dropped to 6.8, the eggs fertilized successfully in far greater numbers with a success rate of over 90%. Please remember, young breeding pairs tend to spawn in smaller numbers initially, and then reach higher numbers later.

New Hardcover Books Printed for Readers

A few years back now, I suggested to our printers and partners for distribution at Amazon, in our field of Reference and Educational Books, we need ideally hard cover editions. As this was very much the standard practice years ago. In fact, my first ever publication "The Discus Book" back in 1989 was a Hard Cover. These books in truth, just feel different, more substantial, and longer lasting, as reference books. And so, I am delighted to in form all my Readers, Patrons, and Friends, that Amazon are now producing Hardcover Books. And so I am pleased to tell you whilst working through my health issues, that I managed to get some of my Tropical Fish Books planned out again for Hardcover Book Printing and Production. I am also pleased to say, some of the Hardcover books we have produced, work out cheaper, or are at least more comparable in price to the paperback books.

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