Welcome to the Journey

A very warm welcome to our web page titled; "Insight" here at Pineapple Blue, a brand and enterprise I created and founded back in 1994. And now wanting to share with you my journey, our purpose, and end game in the 21st Century. Such a plan when we stop and think about it, is critical in navigating all our lives and way through life, we always need a plan, in the hope to achieve our dreams and aspirations. Now as always, during this process we know as the "The Journey of Life," we become confronted with many challenges, resulting in our decision making at that time, that place, and that moment. At this point we very often start to expand our reasoning, leading to questioning, as we begin to seriously explore our evolutionary capabilities, hopefully and our curiosity, to lead hopefully a happy and fulfilling life. And so as I said, and published back then in the 1990's, on our first ever web page, and as one of the world's first ever Digital Electronic Media Design Houses with British Telecom on the Pineapple.Com domain then; "Welcome to the World of Pineapple Blue!"

Never Judge a Book by it's Cover

At the time of writing, this March in the Spring of 2021, I turn 63 years of age, and whilst my body is aching (arthritis) and suffering from age these days, along with Heart Disease, my mind is just as active and keen to continue learning as much as I possibly can, and contributing to society in a humble way for the greater good with my niche Brand and Enterprise Pineapple Blue.

The past year of 2020, is one I know we all Human Beings will remember and never forget, and at this point, from the bottom of my heart, I want to express my sincere heart felt sorrow, to all my Brothers and Sisters around the world, who have lost Family Members and Loved Ones, from this terrible Pandemic, we know as COVID19, the Corona Virus!

I titled this article and feature "Never Judge a Book by it's Cover," as it is an old saying that is frequently coined and spoken by our Senior and more wiser gentle souls, very often by our Grandparents. And it is a saying worth remembering again today, when I see many Folk trying to get on with their lives in these very difficult times surrounding the Corona Virus Pandemic, and sadly, many Folk with fear on their faces, and many having little time for others, and some even exuding outright anger and contempt for Folk, as a result of the circumstances, and the hand Mother Nature and Life has dealt them!

My Daughter, the youngest of my Children just 17 years had a conversation with me just recently, regarding where she works. Being really upset at the way people behave and speak towards her and others. Asking me questions, and seeking my advice and guidance on such matters as always, as her trusted Oracle and Father. And without dressing it up, I explained that people behave in such a manner as a result of fear. Now, many would deny this, but these are normal natural behavioural patterns found in Humans and other members of the Animal Kingdom in such times. The condition is a deep rooted genetic survival mechanism series of traits, almost like a sub-conscious state of panic, on the edge, puzzled and confused, trying to process and program these huge events that are life threatening!

Now when such events happen, rational thought and decision making can sometimes become slanted and different, this can be expected, it is only natural, and so be assured, you are not going mad! But in such circumstances and events, Folk need to be aware of such behavioural patterns, as it upsets and affects others, and I believe by nature and in general, Human Beings are evolving as a kinder species.

Now, life as we know can be challenging enough, and so don't ever think you are the only victim, for this is never true. Like many, I have had more than my fair share of sadness and setbacks in my life. But the thing that has kept me going all these years, has been my unwavering faith! But to reach such a point in ones life, we all have to come face to face with truth and reality. And only from a constant desire to fill ones cup of life with knowledge, compassion, humility, love, and discovery, can we conquer our demons of fear and confused state of emptiness, that eventually comes to haunt and consume all who have not grasped the mantle of the Divine Sacred Covenant of Life.

Like my Daughter, Family Members, and Friends, I have witnessed first hand the behaviour of others, sometimes where Folk almost seem as if they are looking through you, or because of my casual tattered and weathered appearance, looking down at me with a sense and air of superiority. Sadly, such behaviour does not reflect on me, but as I have said to my Daughter, it reflects on them, and one must pity them, if they believe their dressed up smartened attire just to buy a few groceries, gives them an air and sense of arrogance, authority, and power. Be kinder is a wise tale and caution to all, for such behaviour patterns are not the measurement of an accomplished soul, but of one gravely deficient in reaching the long road of Life's Journey's point.

Whether it's "I Ching, the Quran, or the Holy Bible etc. One will find a consistent message written by all of these enlightened Holy Sand Scribes and Oracles of Time. And this is to; "Seek and Ye Shall Find!" The message and instruction is clear for all to understand, but the distance of travel to discover ones enlightenment, only the Divine knows. For none of us knows the road you plan to take, or how far you plan to journey and travel!

As I have said above, we all take different roads, and journeys in life. But just like the other tens of millions of species that are critical for our existence, we can establish that the underlying reality and blue print thread is; that we are all connected! And so this is another grounding reality Folk need to come to terms with.

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