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Our Great Seasonal Special Offer to all our Tropical Fish Hobbyists around the World. Get 4 Fabulous Tropical Fish Keeping Journals Book Editions 1 to 4, just for the price of 1 Tropical Fish Keeping Journal. And with instant delivery of these Great Digital eBooks.

Alastair R Agutter (Publisher and Founder) 24th December 2022

Iconic Pineapple Blue Mug

The iconic Pineapple Blue Mug is becoming a hit with web and mug collectors. And with the great news of the opening of The Pineapple Blue Shop, more are expected to.......Shop >>

Tech News and Updates

There has never been a greater time for technology to play it's part when we are confronted with raving lunatics and Mad Men who would end the World......Computing >>

Custom PC Shack News

There are planned future builds and insights to custom PC's in a future book planned, along with another series of publications in the form of Academic Papers.........Computing >>

Climate Change Reality

A renowned Professor on a British Submarine, took core samples from the Arctic, back in 1968, that we were in serious trouble, and we only had 50 years left to address Climate Change, before we went beyond the point of no return.......Science and the Environment >>

New Album Release News

I am delighted to inform all music lovers of Contemporary Rock and Folk "The White Dove Album" is being released any day now with 13 of our originally written tracks and recorded traditionally in True Sound.....Music >>

Protecting Our Legal Property Pineapple Blue

We have noticed a growing number of entities trading illegally, passing off on the Pineapple Blue Trademark and Brand. This is a criminal offence under the Theft Act and Intellectual Property Rights. Legal Terms and Declaration >>

How Many Subscriptions Before We Say Enough is Enough!

There has to be another way, and I think to many CNN.Com TV now getting on the subscription bandwagon online is the last straw! World News >>

BBC World News Needs More Funding Not Cuts

The BBC in the past few decades have been regularly attacked by Conservatives and Nadine Dorries, claiming the BBC is bias in it's reporting and with a constant threat of cuts. World News >>

The China Syndrome and Why the Lock Downs?

There is far more to the China Lock Downs than meets the eye. And yet again, it's the beautiful people of China who are going to suffer, as a result of calculated political decision making being made by the Communist Party. World News Asia >>

The Dark Veil of Evil in the Guise of Religion

It is not only the people of Iran currently suffering from their captors, a delinquent murderous regime. But many other Arab States, plus Afghanistan, and a number of Countries in Northern territories of Africa. World News Middle East >>

This is London Calling Lady Liberty in the Big Apple

The intelligence was always there that Trump was a serious threat to Democracy in the United States. And if we don't have a free and healthy Democratic USA none of us are safe in Europe and the West. World News >>

It's Not Just About the Cost of Living, Heading for Disaster

It was the Cameron Conservative Government that claimed to have all the answers. But from the outset I disputed that. But I did have one fear that I agreed with Cameron on, and guess what, it came true after Brexit, War in Europe again after 70 years of peace! World News Europe >>

Hard Cover Early Reading Books Planned

The Children's Weebies Series of Child Development Early Learning Books are to be made into full colour Hard Cover Editions. It is a critical investment of time and design that cannot be measured in monetary terms if our Children are to meet the challenges of the new era, namely Climate Change and Conflict >>

Weekend Magazine Launch Online Free Subscription

With the early development of Digital eBooks Pineapple Blue's Founders (Alastair Agutter) pinnacle goal was to always develop a true online digital electronic media magazine. Now a long term dream and aspiration of the Weekend Magazine being on FREE Subscription is coming true >>

Delighted to announce the release of our latest album recorded and produced on our Pineapple Blue Records "The White Dove Album" on Mp3 Digital Download and on CD Rom in the Pineapple Blue Shop, or from our friends at Apple Music and Apple iTunes >>