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Sharm el-Sheikh (COP 27) Climate Change Reality and the Facts of Life!

by Alastair R Agutter (Publishing Editor) 21st November 2022

When you have a United Nations Conference in Cairo Egypt, known as COP 27 being held, to save our ailing Planet Mother Earth, by World Leaders. We can easily conclude, we are in serious trouble, when 100's of Fossil Fuel, Gas and Oil lobbyists are attending to lie, dilute, distort, and white wash the very real humanitarian and all of life species tragedy building, and a crisis that will affect and confront us all in many ways.

And I think for many Folk in their everyday lives, to a great degree they are isolated from the reality that confronts us now. And in recent months, we have seen many protesters exercising their rights in Blighty, protesting against oil. And in fact, on all of our behalf, and future generations to come, our Grandchildren for example. Sadly however, when covered on the News and Media, the protesters are seen as troublesome activists. And the drivers interviewed were very hostile to their protests, and greatly frustrated that they were unable to get to work for those brief few hours of protest and inconvenience. But lets get very serious and real here, if in less than 10 to 20 years we do not have, or are we able to live on a habitable planet, concerns about your job and being unable to get to work for those brief few hours is a total and utter nonsense!

If you also witnessed as I did back in 1967, the real total and utter devastation just from one oil tanker, the SS Torrey Canyon, I know minds and views would rapidly change, and back then, the devastation was to all our beloved British Coastal Shorelines and wild life caused by just one vessel in 1967.

It was in fact only a year later, a renowned Professor on a British Submarine, took core samples from the Arctic, and gravely reported even then, back in 1968, that we were in serious trouble, and we only had 50 years left to address Climate Change, before we went beyond the point of no return, the domino effect in other words.

Even in 1989 on the publication of my first book on the South American species the symphysodon, commonly known as "The Discus" the King of the Aquarium, I warned in my introduction of the book, the concerns I had for the Amazon Rain Forest, and the uncontrollable rate then of turning the world's Great Forests into flat, sparse, prairie lands to grow crops, or for grazing cattle.

And so I say to the many drivers complaining about our Folk the protesters, and the many lobbyists in Cairo Egypt doing the Oil Barons bidding. So far you have not been personally affected from Climate Change, and for one reason only, and that is; so far, you have been lucky!

Perhaps like many in Pakistan, Indonesia, Nepal, Nigeria, California etc. I am sure if you lost your home, and all of your life's personal belongings and possessions, including those keepsakes, we know as memorabilia. Your views and sentiments would be the same as the protesters. And you would be disgusted as well as horrified at the thought of individuals and companies who are still lobbying for the Oil Industry, and trying their very hardest to derail the efforts and strides being made by Folk at COP 27 who are currently fighting for all of our lives, and the protection of all the wondrous majestic life species on Mother Earth we have come to love and know!

In 2015, I knew I was on a spiritual journey with my book writing. For it was totally random, and out of the blue, I had this need and urge to suddenly write this book, and one that was easy to follow as a guide on "Climate Change." It was not planned, or even thought about, but then it started, and every morning I would wake up and my only thoughts were on this book, that I knew I had to write about Climate Change. I did not even know how long it was to be, or it's structure and layout, I had in truth nothing, just a deep spiritual urge, knowing I had to write this book and now!

And so I started writing the book, and it just flowed with all the personal experiences, coupled with the facts, the events taking place, and what's to become of us, if we do not change our ways. It took 54 days to write "The Reality of Climate Change Book" and consisting in total of 54 pages.

The areas featured and covered, some with grave warnings that have all come true, and even the warnings of global health issues and viruses etc. Even when I referenced the important role the banks play in this grand scheme of things, I referenced the former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. And even he now is heading up and leading a major project to fight Climate Change, how about that. I very often hear musicians say when they create a piece of music, they feel that they are only the vessels. I have experienced the same when writing music, and did so again here with this book, constantly feeling a great energy and presence around me!

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