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The China Syndrome

by Alastair R Agutter (Publishing Editor) 28th November 2022

There is far more to the China Lock Downs than meets the eye. And yet again, it's the beautiful people of China who are going to suffer, as a result of calculated political decision making being made by the Communist Party.

Tonight, in the historical City of Shanghai, the people of China are protesting over the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Lock Down and continued controls. The Communist Party of China have ruled on a Policy of Zero Covid. This implies the total control and elimination of the Corona Virus in Regions and eventually all of China. However, the decision by the Communist Party of zero Covid and the continued lock downs in regions, does not strictly

relate to Covid. We know as a result of the Pandemic World-Wide, the entire world's economies have been disrupted. None more so than China, the second largest economy in the world, and the world's manufacturing hub. To fire such an economy up and to try and get it back to previous economic growth and wealth for China could in fact be generational. And so, the current policy of the Communist Party's policy of Zero Tolerance of Covid, could be more politically related to Economics. If populations are in lock down, it gives the Communist Party just reason as to why regions and manufacturing bases are unable to operate. It also gives the Communist Party of China room for manouver on how to deal with Social and Economic unrest if the Chinese people are unable to work, not as a result of the pandemic and the virus. But as a result of the economic downturn causing a crisis in manufacturing and a massive downturn in product demand due to the current economic conditions globally. With the Lock Down Policy by the Communist Party, it gives cover, and acts as a foil to the real true reality of an economic crisis to the entire Chinese Nation that will lead to mass unemployment, social unrest, and great hardship to the beautiful and generous people of China, which is a great tragedy.

The Chinese people by nature over the Centuries have always been a very creative and industrial hardworking people.

The Chinese people by nature over the Centuries have always been a very creative and industrial hardworking people. They are mostly kind and friendly by nature, with a few exceptions, and so it is understandable how conditions have come about after World War Two, where then from tragic events of famine and starvation was rife to over 100 million people. And so upon reflection of history, it is very easy to understand how a desperate starving Nation back in the 1940's and a tolerant people at that, decided to accept any form of Governance that appeared to be positive looking after the interests of all their starving people, and so the conditions were right to seeing in and living with, and under the rule of Communism in a Communist type of society, in hoping and believing of a better way of life and future for them and their families.

But very sadly and tragically, in all societies, whether Democratic, or Authoritarian. If the masses are suffering, the masses will rebel and protest. It really doesn't matter what political banner, or colour you are under, or belong too! And so at this time, the Communist Party's Zero Covid Policy in China is working as a delay mechanism, and giving time for the Chinese Communist Party time to find a solution to the economic crisis that the Chinese Communist Party are confronted with. For the real crisis that confronts the Chinese Government is basically, plenty of great modern factories and workers to operate them, but no serious orders, or demand for the products globally.

China Will Not Be the Only Nation

Do not be under any illusion to think China is the only Nation that has these problems, there will be many Countries around the World facing mass unemployment soon, and as for Covid, it certainly hasn't helped. The grave reality is; we need to urgently learn, how to change, and adapt, as a result of Climate Change, that needs to be critically addressed now if we are to survive, as a people and species.

And green renewable partnerships could be the answer for China to peacefully adapt, and help other mass population Countries, in fact going down the route of Climate Change renewable manufacturing could help all our Countries in adapting and changing now to prevent total disaster, and where the planet is no longer habitable.

An entire new way of responsible caring and thinking globally needs to be designed. Now to put all of this into real perspective, lets take my Country Great Britain, the United Kingdom, that is normally regarded as stable. We as a Nation, since Thatcher's demolition of manufacturing in Britain back in the late 70's, has now changed to what is classed in recent decades as a Retail Servicing Sector Country. But in the next couple years this will not be the case, as Councils and greedy Property Landlords kill all the Small Businesses and High Street Stores, Plus Office Businesses, the Golden Geese in other words by their criminal and extortionate actions concerning continued excessive rents and rates, and it's simply not sustainable. Already the City of London is no longer the European Capital of Banking. That's been lost to France, as the Bankers warned the mindless idiots in Westminster seeking Brexit, that the Banks would be forced to move operations into Europe. Well it's happening, and the recent debacle with Truss and her Chancellor, was to back and be dependent on the Banks in the City for their economic growth. But sadly, this was a deranged pipe dream, by two very stupid and incompetent individuals!

Too Much Bloodhed Over the Centuries

The great tragedy for the good people of China is; whatever way this crisis is addressed in China, I fear it will become brutal and bloody. For this has always tragically been the case throughout the history of China, caused from invasionery foreign forces, domestic dictators, and tribal regional leaders.

And sadly all the while through those tragic centuries, the majority of the Chinese people were creative, inventive, industrial, farmers, and family orientated Folk living in peace and harmony.

And I can testify to the nature of the Chinese people, as I have had the pleasure to trade with the Chinese people over the years, and they were always accommodating, trying to do their very best, leading to some very long friendships over the years. And so I truly wish the good people of China well at this time and moment in history, and in these very challenging times and days ahead.