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Mad Men of the World

by Alastair R Agutter (Publishing Editor) 22nd November 2022

The Specter of another lunatic in the world as a leader, is not a very welcomed prospect. As Donald Trump announces another run for US President in 2024.

In a time of Washington, Franklin and Lincoln. Trump's January 6th threat to democracy would of been seen in their eyes as sedition and treasonous treachery.

We can all plead with Republicans not to vote for this fruit case, but first I fear they must consult with their own Doctor, for having even the slightest thought of voting for this mad man is of grave concern, not only for America, but the entire world.

Donald Trump is also without doubt a great security risk to the Nation, and currently at this time, the FBI and Attorney General are investigating the possession of top secret papers at Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence and Golf retreat in Florida.

All too often if you have followed Trump's Presidency and Impeachments, there are many questions that need answering surrounding his dubious activities and dealings. Based on events and Trump's continued craving for money and the destructive dismantling of relations in Europe, namely trying to destroy NATO, if he were a Russian you would be convinced he is a spy. I do not believe Trump is a spy, but I am convinced he is a traitor, and has been on Putin's payroll for a very long time.

The evidence is more compelling now after January the 6th, and also the impeachment concerning the Ukraine, where Trump deliberately delayed, or cancelled arms to the Ukraine when protecting themselves against the Russians. And I fear God forbid, if Trump was elected again, he would do permanent untold damage, leaving Ukraine exposed and also the rest of Europe, including Great Britain, standing alone yet again, as we would never back down and will defend freedom to the very end.

So who are these Trump voters, how do they think, and what do they believe.... Many still believe the US 2020 election was stolen, even though 60 Court Cases were filed, and all 60 cases were thrown out, for not having any evidence of voter fraud and mishandling. Even one case went to the Supreme Court, and yet again the case was thrown out with a curt note regarding the hearing, and basically accusing the protagonists of wasting Court time.

Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani of 78 years spent massive amounts of time spreading conspiracy theories around the USA just like Trump claiming the voting was rigged and he was robbed of the election. Since recent Court hearings and cases to be held concerning Giuliani, he has now lost his license to practice Law as a result of the mounting evidence surrounding Giuliani's suspicious activities, including meetings with Russians and East Europeans surrounding the gathering of evidence about President Joe Biden's Son.

In addition to the involvement with January the 6th, Trump's Republican activists rap sheet includes the proud boys, sighting kidnapping, the threatening of voting staff, the phoning of the Georgian Attorney General to find more votes to rig the Georgia State election, the list goes on and on......

And yet still Trump, teflon Don, has this mad following constantly repeating snippets of this crazed and deranged lies. Donald Trump and his cronies use the Joseph Goebbels Playbook, playing on fear, and the constant border immigrant crossings from Mexico, is the optimal catalyst, when it comes to recruiting more misguided Republicans, taken in by Trump's constant and continued lies.

Trump keeps telling everyone he will make "America Great Again." But the truth is; America has always been great, and a success story built on the hard work of immigrants coming to the USA over the Nations long enduring history.

All these events have also further exposed the integrity of Republican Elected Officials, who have deliberately lied about the 2020 Election also, so they can stay in office. What a sad state of affairs in America, when elected office, is more important than the American Constitution. Yet these individuals, would have you believe they are the party of Law and order, yet they continue to lie and turn their backs on the events of January the 6th, where lives were lost. And it is clear now from the evidence of the January the 6th Committee, Trump committed sedition, and treason, whilst in office, to try and stay in power.

Very sadly, these are the facts, surrounding the Trump Presidency. Trump is just a superficial ignorant thug, he has been the bully boy all his life, and the power of Daddy's money that he inherited, has helped to keep him out of jail.

But the taking and losing of Top Secret papers, that I believe Trump planned to sell, or did sell out of bitterness and hate with not a care for his Country, or fellow Country Men and Women, could be his final downfall. And lets hope so, so the people of the world can continue to sleep at nights with Biden at the helm for a second term.