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What Now For Twitter

by Alastair R Agutter (Publishing Editor) 21st November 2022

Musk Holds the Future of Real-Time News Feeds in his hands. I like to think Elon Musk truly knows what he has in his hands. My views have never changed, and I have always believed Twitter has far more use and value than any other Social Media Network concept. For Twitter is, and has always been a real-time news stream breakout feed. It seems Twitter's dilemma is how to acquire a constant revenue stream through advertising or subscription, or perhaps both methods.

I should imagine there are many thoughts going through the mind of Elon Musk at this time as the new owner. I also think a few months back he realized the uniqueness of Twitter, it's size potential and where it sits in the world of online. I say the world of online for whilst it is currently classified as a Social Media operation, its true DNA and genes fits in the World of News and Media as a valuable real-time live press and news alert release service. And such a service has great synergy for publishers and broadcasters etc world-wide, to release and promote information to the world and all incumbents quickly, but a service that is only really naturally designed for promotion and announcements etc. The World of News, Media, Publishing, Broadcasting, Advertising and Promotion etc.

Now such a base has a limited number of users and finance. This I think Elon Musk has identified, and so he knows if there is a £1,000 on the table, he is not going to get a £100,000 from it!

Twitter's Future Looking Ahead

I then answer the next question of the real true value of Twitter. I think once Elon Musk realized fully Twitter's unique potential and where it sits in the grand scheme of things. He fully knew and realized then Twitter's true value and that he was well and truly over charged for the Company, hence the reason why he wanted to get out of the deal!

I think his current mood and decision making over twitter that seems mad and strange to many is linked to the concerns he has at Tesla, as it is understood there is to be a fault recall on over some 300,000 plus vehicles, and I am sure this is going to cost a fair amount of pocket money!

Twitters future, as I referenced in my book "Social Media the Sum of Everything Equals Zero" is with the News and Media fraternity, and not as commonly described as a Social Media operation. I was convinced then when I wrote my book, and still convinced now that Twitter for all it's unique difference will out live all Social Media services, starting with Facebook, for which it has done, and so don't be fooled when it comes to Facebook, it was finished the day it changed to Meta, and the bottom line at the end of the day is; it had no choice!

Washington was getting ready to bust it up Facebook and make an example of it as they did with Big Blue (IBM), and Zuckerburg knew full well with all his ducking and diving at hearings, making a fool out of Congress and the Senate, time had ran out and they were no longer going to wear it!

Many influential people use Twitter, including the world of News and Media. Even our grand old BBC expressed concerns for over a week, regarding a subscription for users, and whether the TV License payers, will where the idea of the BBC paying out for all the BBC Twitter Staff users.

I do not believe the Donald Trump move allowing him back on Twitter, is anything other than a hardcore business commercial decision, coupled with over 10 to 14 days of free advertising world-wide for the platform. Here I think it's more about the numbers game for the auditors, and some marketing scheme Elon Musk is working out in his head currently. For Elon Musk knows Trump is dangerous and a mindless idiot. Rocket programmes, research and development takes time, and requires continuity, and none of those such qualities exist in the world of Donald Trump who wants it now, and has the mentality of a 9 year old!

About six months ago, a friend eagerly asked me about Cryptocurrency, I told him that it will all end in tears, as the Fed has the real power and it will never change all the while a dollar exists in this world. I told him not to touch it with a barge pole. And so with recent events in the world of Cryptocurrency, my concerns were right, but nothing was lost personally. But Twitter is a different kettle of fish, as it could continue to be a very valuable tool for helping and advancing society, especially regarding news alerts concerning disasters surrounding Climate Change, and for these reasons I care about Twitter, and I like to think Mr Elon Musk does also.

I think the the bottom line is; surrounding all the staff lay-offs, Elon is sending a clear message, about not taking him for a ride again!

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