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When the Rain Comes

by Alastair R Agutter (Publishing Editor) 22nd November 2022

Scotland and the North of England this Winter are expected to get record Rain fall, beating all previous records, and with many areas flooding. More storms are also expected, coming in on the Atlantic Tides, and with Gulf arial wind currents, some milder, but mainly cold as the Jet and Gulf Streams struggle to navigate their normal routes, as a result of Climate Change affecting so many parts of the World.

Snow and Severe Cold Weather for UK

by Alastair R Agutter (Publishing Editor) 7th December 2022

Severe cold spell hits the United Kingdom, and it is expected the cold weather to remain for around 2 weeks and possibly longer. Scotland was hit last night with temperatures dropping in parts to -10 degrees. Scotland and down the English East Coast will be affected mostly with the snow forcast and cold weather. And at the end of the week risk of cold wintry weather and showers to the South East and London areas.

Severe Weather Bomb Hits North America

by Alastair R Agutter (Publishing Editor) 29th December 2022

A few days ago, a severe Weather Bomb hit North America, USA and Canada. From Canada, to the very South of the United States, heavy snow storms have devastated both Nations. With reports tragically, of many deaths, as temperatures in parts plummet to over -41 degrees. Power lines to many parts of the United States and Canada have been affected, leading to Citizens being without energy, heating, and also water, as a result of frozen, or burst pipes. Weather Meteorologists, report these are the worse storms in over a Century, and related once again to Climate Change.

Fox picture of wild life by Alastair Agutter

Extrem Weather Dramatically Affecting Wild Life

by Alastair R Agutter (Publishing Editor) 29th December 2022

Reports from the British National Trust, RSPB, and the World Wild Life Fund. Express serious concern for many Wild Life species in the British Isles. With the extreme fluctuating weather, some species are managing to adapt to these conditions. But other species regrettably, are not doing so well at all. Chuff's (Chough), a British Bird like a Crow, and Blue Butterflies, seem to be thriving. Whilst, migratory birds have suffered, along with members of the coastal gull's family, with the Avian Flu, that has reached our shores in Blighty. Climate Change is doing it's worst with pollination, and the sudden cold spells causing poor fruit harvests. This year has been good for Apples, but the two previous years, we have suffered with fruit, when winter weather hit Easter periods on two occasions, Snow and Frost when Fruit Trees were in full blossom.

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