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Welcome to our Pineapple Blue 'Cambridge Web5G Academy' Online for Advancing the Human Story and Journey for the Greater Good. Today, we are a Global Interconnected Society, and as President Biden says, we have reached a reflection point. And however such wise words are interpreted, be it we are all taking a hard look in the mirror. Or reaching a point of no return, and where we must change if the Human Race is to survive, by acting now to face down Climate Change, to preserve all life on Earth. Or to re-ignite the flames of hope, and for all Citizens of the World, to stand together, to exile and drive out the dark hearts of evil and greed. It is also now key, we gift the

most important currency of all, the real power of knowledge, and dispatched post haste, to all citizens in every corner of the World. Thus freeing all the people from the shackles of enslavement in the form of ignorance, racism, and bigotry. For it must be now in this time, and at this moment in our history, and for our very existence, as a species amends be made. It also befalls upon us as primate custodians entrusted with the Sacred Covenants of life, to preserve all that exists. And it is without doubt, the most gravest and urgent of times where charity does begin at home, to save and protect our only home, Mother Earth.

The thunderous guns of hate and conquest must finally fall silent forever across the entire world, replaced with only bird song and the cosmic universal harmonics of life and nature. It also befalls upon Leaders and Governments to enter positive discourse with their partner counter-parts and to shape their societies in the interests of their Citizens and good housekeeping conservation management. Not great positions of office and trust being violated and corrupted by individuals desecrating solemn vows for personal gain and vanity.

As a species on this earth, we are exhausting resources, and can no longer afford the insanity and madness of conflict between Nations, and Regions. Caused by Man-made religion, the dark veil of evil ignorance and the illiterate. Or talent-less individuals, insecure in themselves, paranoid and drawn to destruction, mentally flawed, with a child's mentality, ruling by fear and violence.

It is without doubt, that it is every families wish and desire, to live safely, at peace, and in harmony, across all societies and cultures of the world.

Currently Updating our Academic Pages: 23rd December 2022