Welcome to 'The Weekend Magazine' a publication I have wanted to create and launch online for a very long time, and a News and Featured Articles Magazine that is 'Subscription Free' and so in other words, its free, you don't have to pay to read the publication. Sincere Best Wishes, Alastair Agutter

Contents Insight:

A very warm welcome to 'The Weekend Magazine' for all our discerning readers internationally seeking; informative, accurate, and factual content online. As a continued passionate advocate for advancing the Human Story and Journey with Pineapple Blue. I will ensure we cover enlightened content in the realms of technology for our great young minds also, to inspire and provide the fuel to spark and ignite their creative imagination.

The news and featured articles in the publication will cover a plethora of topics, in the hope the magazine will become a popular venue to many Folk across a spectrum of ages. Especially Citizens of the World who seek factual journalism, well researched and accurate, as we navigate through this troublesome period in our existence, as we confront many challenges, most namely Climate Change, and the urgent need for the mobilization of all Governments of the World to reach a collective path of responsibility. The time for personal gain and self interest whilst in Government is over, and it is now time Politicians serve their citizens, to ensure a future, and habitable existence here on Earth.

Alastair R Agutter (Publishing Editor).

News and Politics

Our News and Politics Features and Articles will deliver facts. The truth based on journalism research and scientific evidence, and not based on wild conspiracy theories by individuals.

Books and Reviews

Our Books and Reviews will Feature worthy publications of note, and as sound investments for any book worms Library. Be it Reference, Educational, Historic, or Artistic Fictional Drama.

Business and Finance

Delivering insightful Business News and valuable information in an ever fast changing and very competitive world online. And also deciphering the world's Finance for the Business Community.

History and Phenomena

The wise always refer too, and reference the past. For it's so often said, only by understanding our past can we determine of our future. And there has never been such a time for study.

Hobbies and Interests

Generations of young, seniors, have benefited, and thrived in the West from Hobbies and Interests. Many great inventions came into being from these fields of learning in our societies.

Home and Lifestyle

Whether it's the Cost of Living or way of Life. We hope to bring informative and inspirational ideas in our Home and Lifestyle features. Including; Recipes, Health, Style, Design, Home, and more.

Millennium Matters

We all know as adults life is not just black and white, but in their early informative years Teenagers experience their greatest transition in life, and support is critical in these times.

Music and Entertainment

Music and Entertainment, the Arts, has always been an important part in all societies since the beginning of time. And since the Pandemic Hospitality and the industry is in great transition.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology is evolving everyday and at an ever increasing speed. And as we advance with our ideas and innovations we must always remember the window of error is smaller.

Society and Culture

With the advent of Climate Change, and the changing face of Politics to many parts of the world, there is a great rift and shift, as many people become global economic migrants.

Sports and Outdoors

Sports and Outdoors delivers many featured articles from Football to Angling, In fact a wide array of sports, that also covers and profiles our Sports Celebrities and Athletes interesting lives.

Wild Life and Earth Matters

The clock's ticking for all on Earth. As Humans continue to populate, soon reaching 8 billion, encroaching on the World's Wild Life. We now have to change, to avoid mass specie extinction.