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The White Dove Album Released on Apple iTunes and Apple Music

Pineapple Blue Records are pleased to announce the release of our latest music; "The White Dove Album" recorded in True Sound, and consisting of 13 great tracks, contemporary, and country. Available now at Apple Music and Apple iTunes for Mp3 download and using the original masters. True Sound is a live recording studio method used back in the good old days, where musicians got together and performed the music in the studio from start to finish. To lay multi compositions onto one track, each part again be it drums, bass, lead guitar etc would again be performed and played on the recording of the track from start to finish, laying down tracks was the

terminology of this process in the industry. All the tracks on the album are all originally written by the artist. If you are music lovers and fans of music like James Taylor, Jefferson Airplane and The Beatles, well you will enjoy this great album. Please remember, the music we produce is with meaningful themes and each song comes with a story, a beginning, middle and end. The White Dove Album is available to preview, listen, and Buy Now from Apple Music and Apple iTunes >>