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NASA Launch the SWOT Satellite for all of Mankind

Alastair R Agutter (Publisher and Founder) 16th December 2022

NASA launches the SWOT Satellite into space successfully, delivered by a Falcon 9 SpaceX Rocket with the re-usable fuel carrier booster successfully landing back to Earth onto the designated landing pad at Vandenburg Space Force Base in California USA. SWOT means "Surface Water Ocean Topography" to measure the World's entire Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers, to gather important data, and

measurements, as we establish the changes to our Oceans and Seas, as we now confront Climate Change especially. Yet again, this was a Western Team effort success. SWOT (Surface Water Ocean Topography) Project was headed up by the French Space Agency, and technology supported by Great Britain (UK) and Canada, for more than a decade. The Satellite payload was successfully delivered by joint operations of NASA and SPACEX at Vandenburg Space Force Base in California USA.

The project's aim is to scan the Earth's entire water surfaces, these being; Oceans, Seas, Lakes, Rivers etc. To measure the depths of water in regions, and to scan and identify the entire marine geographical landscape, and to measure a series of events, including; salinity of water, temperatures, and more, as we meet the challenges of Climate Change and beyond, so all of life on Earth can successfully inhabit and survive.