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Pineapple Blue was created and founded by Alastair Agutter (see legal) back in the mid 90's as one of the World's very first Digital Electronic Media Design Houses for the World Wide Web. And continues today delivering Creative Light through; Design, Online Magazines, Music, Books, Academic Papers, Publications, Journals, Streaming, Ringtones, and The Pineapple Blue Shop ( with our partners at Shopify ( for our Iconic Merchandise. Thank You!

One of Amazon's Biggest Selling Tropical Fish Books

The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special Edition Celebrating 25 years: Has been constantly one of Amazon's Biggest Selling Tropical Fish Books Internationally. And is now available as a Hard Cover Book. Amazon Store Buy Now >>

The World's First Recipes Tropical Fish Book

Super Foods Tropical Fish and Discus Hard Cover Book: For Great High Protein Recipes, is one of the World's, if not the World's, First Book written purposely as a Tropical Fish Recipe Book to make your own food. Amazon Store Buy Now >>

Apple Music and iTunes

Christmas is never a party without great music, so please pop into our friends at Apple Music and Apple iTunes for our fab Country, Folk, Rock and Roll all recorded in traditional True Sound previewing now and ready to download - Aggie Artist on Apple >>

Amazon Books for Great Gift Ideas

Books are still up at the very top for great thoughtful Gift ideas at Christmas. So please pop into our friends to see our latest Printed Books Collection for Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes - Author's Amazon Books >>

Sharm el-Sheikh Cop 27 Facts of Life

When you have a United Nations Conference in Cairo Egypt, known as COP 27 being held, to save our ailing Planet Mother Earth, by World Leaders. We can easily conclude, we are in........ Science and Environment >>

Anyone for a Cup of Tea or Coffee

Patrons can now pick up one of our iconic Pineapple Blue Mugs from our 'New' Pineapple Blue Shop's Merchandise Collection, as we hopefully say goodbye to the pandemic and celebrate with a cuppa. Shop >>

Web Guide Book Illustration by Alastair Agutter Pineapple Blue Founder

Cyber and Tech the Landscape Ahead 2023!

Next year in 2023, Pineapple Blue celebrates 30 years, since founding PB in 1994. As one of the World's very first Digital Electronic Media Design Houses back then for the World Wide Web. Read More >>

What Now for Twitter

Musk Holds the Future of Real-Time News Feeds in his hands. I like to think Elon Musk truly knows what he has in his hands. My views have never changed, and I have always believed...... World USA and Canada >>

Mad Men of the World

The Specter of another lunatic in the world as a leader, is not a very welcomed prospect. As Donald Trump announces another run for US President in 2024. In a time of Washington.......... World USA and Canada >>

A New Commonwealth Dawn

It was once said "It was an Empire where the Sun never set." The arrival of Rishi Sunak British Prime Minister could mean great wealth for both Commonwealth Nations of mighty India.......... Green Technology >>

Councils and Landlords Death Nail

Landlords and Councils just don't get it, when it comes to rents and business rates. The retail and service sectors in Great Britain (UK) are no longer sustainable, and will no doubt receive...... News and Business >>

Climate Change Writing on the Wall

Since writing 'The Reality of Climate Change' in 2014 with all the predictions, concerns, and warnings in the book coming true. Including Mark Carney referenced in showing how banks........ Science and Environment >>

Latest Climate Change and Weather

A Cold spell are due to hit the United Kingdom upto around two weeks with Snow showers. This is after recent heavy rain storms and flooding in the North of England and Scotland. Weather and Climate >>

Too Late for the Amazon?

In a few years time, will it only be the remaining Fish species in our Aquariums existing as descendants of their beloved native River Amazon Region of Rivers and waterways. Science and Environment >>

The Canvas of Life Album

Available to stream and download on Apple Music, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and others.... Thank You!

I Remember the Days Album

Available to stream and download on Apple Music, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and others....Thank You!

California Dreaming Album

Available to stream and download on Apple Music, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and others....Thank You!

Sounds Vinyl Album

Available to stream and download on Apple Music, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and others....Thank You!

Children's Series of Books to be Hardcovers as Early Reading is Critical

Children's Weebies Family Series of Books are to be published in conjunction with Pineapple Blue and Amazon, in full colour illustrated Hardcover editions. For Schools, Nurseries, and Home Schooling, as early learning has never been so critical as now, to meet tomorrows challenges for all of humanity >>

NASA Launch the SWOT Satellite for all of Mankind

NASA launches the SWOT Satellite into space. SWOT means "Surface Water Ocean Topography" to measure the World's entire Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers, to gather important data, and measurements, as we establish the changes to our Oceans and Seas, as we now confront Climate Change especially. Read Full Story Now >>

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