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Sharm el-Sheikh (COP 27) Climate Change Reality and the Facts of Life!

When you have a United Nations Conference in Cairo Egypt, known as COP 27 being held, to save our ailing Planet Mother Earth, by World Leaders. We can easily conclude, we are in serious trouble, when 100's of Fossil Fuel, Gas and Oil lobbyists are attending to lie, dilute, distort, and white wash the very real humanitarian and all of life species tragedy building, and a crisis that will affect and confront us all in many ways. Science and Environment >>

What Now for Twitter

Musk Holds the Future of Real-Time News Feeds in his hands. I like to think Elon Musk truly knows what he has in his hands. My views have never changed, and I have always believed Twitter has far more use and value than any other Social Media Network concept.

For Twitter is, and has always been a real-time news stream breakout feed. It seems Twitter's dilemma is how to acquire a constant revenue stream through advertising or subscription, or perhaps both methods. World USA and Canada >>

Football President's Shame

FIFA boss Giovanni Vincenzo Infantino has been described as many things after this weekends press conference, and one of great embarrassment and hypocrisy. He is not gay, or is he a migrant worker. But what he is meant to be is the President of FIFA, and he should be getting his priorities right by addressing sponsorship issues like Budweiser Beer and Corruption in the game that has existed for years.

And as for Qatar 2022 as World Cup hosts, serious financial investigation needs to take place. Sport Football >>

A New Commonwealth Dawn

It was once said "It was an Empire where the Sun never set." The arrival of Rishi Sunak British Prime Minister could mean great wealth for both Commonwealth Nations of mighty India and Great Britain, as Trade and Family ties become rekindled.

There has never been a greater time with our first Asian Indian PM than now, to formulate a great partnership in the UK with Indian for Green Technology. The UK is not of the size to manufacture huge wind turbines, today, but India certainly is and a skilled manufacturer. Green Technology >>

Mad Men of the World

The Specter of another lunatic in the world as a leader, is not a very welcomed prospect. As Donald Trump announces another run for US President in 2024. In a time of Washington, Franklin and Lincoln. Trump's January 6th threat to democracy would of been seen in their eyes as sedition and treasonous treachery.

We can all plead with Republicans not to vote for this fruit case, but first I fear they must consult with their own Doctor, for having even the slightest thought of voting for this mad man. World USA and Canada >>

Councils and Landlords Retail Business Death Nail

Landlords and Councils just don't get it, when it comes to rents and business rates. The retail and service sectors in Great Britain (UK) are no longer sustainable, and will no doubt receive the final death nail this March April 2023, as rents and rates go up yet again.

I just don't get it, every Councillor complains about shop closures in High Streets as they die. But Council rates and extreme rents still rise! News and Business >>

Climate Change Writing on the Wall

Since 2014 the predictions, concerns, and warnings, have all come true. The warnings in the book of eventual death and disease. Plus, how the future will be shaped if we are to survive, and the leaders to direct and stave off the crisis, including Mark Carney referenced in the book, as I tried to put a positive on what can change.

I also showed how the banks and financial world has a major impact and part to play. Science and Environment >>

When the Rain Comes

Scotland and the North of England this Winter are expected to get record Rain fall, beating all previous records, and with many areas flooding.

More storms are also expected, coming in on the Atlantic Tides, and with Gulf ariel wind currents, some milder, but mainly cold as the Jet and Gulf Streams struggle to navigate their normal routes, as a result of Climate Change affecting so many parts of the World. Weather >>

Too Late for the Amazon?

In a few years time, will it only be the remaining Marine Fish species in our Aquariums existing as descendants of their beloved native South American Amazon Region of Rivers and waterways.

At one time as a small boy studying species, it was alleged that there were more than 11,500 species of Marine Fish species in the Great Amazon and it's adjoining Rivers. Science and Environment >>

The Artist, Musician, Publisher and Author at 64 years

"Our emotions, words and music, is the essential inquisitive driving force for Human evolution, and the universal covenant throughout the cosmos, leading to enlightenment, love and compassion." ~ Alastair R Agutter

Available to stream and download on Apple Music, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and others....Thank You!

Contemporary Rock and Folk Collection of Great Songs

You know, years ago musicians would go into a studio and lay down a track from start to finish. This was real music and artistry back in the 70's and 80's. And very often on the first recording you got the true sound and emotion of the track. But sadly today do you know even the general public's comments are "they can't play an instruments today, and anyone can sing.these days."

And comments are not from music critics, but genuine working class Folk. Well, I have some great news for you. The White Dove Album, and all the great tracks on it were recorded in true sound, the good old traditional way.

All lyrics on the Album have meaning, and every track tells a story from start to finish. This to me is how music is meant to be. Strings bouncing out at you and a real spiritual unique earthy sound.

Available to stream and download on Apple Music, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and others....Thank You!

Available to stream and download on Apple Music, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and others....Thank You!

Available to stream and download on Apple Music, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and others....Thank You!

Available to stream and download on Apple Music, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and others....Thank You!

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