Trademarks and Intellectual Property

Welcome to "Pineapple Blue" delivering creative light as one of the World's very first Digital Electronic Media Design Houses. To provide creative design solutions for the World Wide Web shortly after Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina created the Mosaic Browser in 1994.

My name is Alastair Roy Agutter, and I am the creator, inventor, and designer of the Pineapple Blue Brand and Logo. And since I designed and created Pineapple Blue, every logo has displayed the legal emblem of TM and this meaning in legal terms universally around the world Trademark. The first logo I drew up in Corel Draw 3, and any rational clear headed thinking individual can see this is the original logo based on it's design, subject matter and appearance. Furthermore it does have meaning and is married up to

the name. As you can see, the Pineapple is attached to the pyramid base image that is drawn up as the sea, and the world universally knows, the sea is classed as a blue entity. Hence the Logo image exacting the name "Pineapple Blue" and at the time and period of creation, no other organization in any form used this name and trademark brand.

Criminally Passing Off Offence

This Black background version of the Pineapple Blue Brand Logo and trademark, was specially designed again by myself as the first screen banner for the World Wide Web. I retained the domain name: purchased and registered the domain name through British Telecom commonly known as BT, one of the United Kingdom's and the World's largest Companies in Telecommunications. And also registered the domain name with BT at my home address which was Mill Field in Ninfield Village, Near Battle, East Sussex TN33. It was also a BT Engineer and myself who worked together in those days over the telephone early evening, where we worked out between ourselves in those early days how to upload and launch the very first page on the World Wide Web. And all such events are registered and recorded with BT and also the Domain Name Sellers and Servers.

And so it needs to be fully understood and known to all parties currently using my brand name in some form, that they are passing off, and thus committing a criminal offence. No Company or individual has the legal right to use our trademark name and brand in any

form, as it is a criminal offence and a further legal violation of Intellectual Property. When creating and designing the logo and brand it took me nearly two years, as I was seeking something far more than just a name, I was seeking as usual perfection. At the time of developing the Brand, I had just sold my luxury sports business that was acclaimed for making some of the finest sports equipment in the world. And also to help sport generate revenue I was inventing the World's first interchangeable sports advertising system for stadium perimeters, where adverts could change and also an apex design for arena's and for creating an arena for a sports event that could then gain sponsorship. This should indicate to anyone, this Digital Electronic Media Design House brand Pineapple Blue was going to be one of the very best in the world, and it starts with a logo, name, and a business card.

A Loved and Unique Protected Brand

Very soon I am proud to say Pineapple Blue will be celebrating 30 years as a Digital Electronic Media Design House and one of the world's very best and very first specifically created for the World Wide Web. And continuing to develop and deliver creative light in the form of original recorded music. Reference and Educational Books published for early learning, hobbies, interests, and pastimes. Also smart phone ringtones, recording and broadcasting. In fact at the very beginning of the Commercial World Wide Web our Design House Pineapple Blue and myself, worked on the Microsoft Channel Partner Program developing Web TV and also a founding DevEdge Member with Netscape Communications, customizing their browser software suites for the United Kingdom. As well as developing Netcaster for Netscape, another interactive television service. We in fact at the Pineapple Blue Brand developed in partnership with RealNetworks "Live Online" radio and "Active Vision" on demand television two of the world's very first broadcasting and radio streaming on demand services for the World Wide Web. With Programmes produced such as "Go Fishing Online" and

"Music Wired." And so "Pineapple Blue" as a name and brand is far more, Pineapple Blue has a legacy on the world wide web, making valuable contributions and a brand and name with integrity with nearly three decades of creativity and personal investment. Pineapple Blue continues today developing and pushing at the very edge of technology, and continually writing academic papers and reports in addition to publications and books on specialist subjects. At the time of writing this legal declaration pertaining total ownership of the name and brand of "Pineapple Blue" we are developing notes and reports from research on Quantum Computing.

And so, to bring closure to this Legal Evidential Declaration and proof of the Brand and Intellectual Property Rights Ownership of "Pineapple Blue" in creative name and as a Brand invented and created by myself Alastair Roy Agutter back in 1994. I hereby State that the use of the name or brand is known legally as passing off and a criminal offence. It is also a breech of Intellectual Property Rights and described Internationally as Criminal theft. And so, any parties or operations or entity using the name Pineapple Blue in any form or capacity is committing criminal offences and breaking the Law and described as theft, as it impacts the victim party, and in this instance "Pineapple Blue" created and owned by Alastair Roy Agutter. Failing to comply will result in prosecution and criminal proceedings.

On a final and personal note. For nearly 30 years we at Pineapple Blue have served the community hoping to humbly advance the human story and journey, and at great financial cost and donated time. We have earned a very trusting and respectful relationship with all our partners over the years including; Google who we still partner with and who graciously hosts the Pineapple Blue Network on the Google Platform. With Microsoft, as channel partners and as members of the Microsoft Partners Research Panel. And also Amazon as partners for financial transactions and International Distribution of our specialist books and music.

And so please refrain from using our property, be creative yourselves and create your very own brand and logo.

Digital Signature for and on Behalf of Pineapple Blue as Founder and Owner

Alastair Roy Agutter

Dated this Day the 27th of November 2022