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"Pineapple Blue was created and founded to deliver creative light for the greater good. Creating Great Design and Innovation for Brand Name Awareness, Traditional Specialist Reference Books, Producers of Fabulous Original Music, and Publishers of Stupendous Digital Format eBooks distributed world-wide." ~ Alastair R Agutter

Creative Insight

Dear Music Lovers, Patron Readers, Students, and Academics. A very warm welcome to "Pineapple Blue," a brand and entity I founded back in 1994, as one of the world's first Digital Electronic Media Design Houses for Creative Art and Innovation.  And continuing today delivering "Creative Light" with Great Books, Fabulous Music, Stupendous Digital eBooks, Enlightened Student Online Learning, and lastly Academic Published Papers, to advance the Human Story and Journey. 

Peace and Love to All, Sincere Best Wishes,

Alastair R Agutter - Founder

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The Name Behind the Brand

Pineapple Blue was founded in 1994 as one of the world's 1st Digital Electronic Media Design Houses in Marketing and Media innovation, and at the very cutting edge for technology, especially the World Wide Web surrounding graphic design, programming and interactive rich media content. And continues today as a Media Publishers and Record Label. We are a dedicated New Era Green Enterprise and a Black Lives Matter advocate. We are focused on continuing to be a beacon of hope by "Delivering Creative Light" to help advance the human story and journey in a humble way for the greater good! 

We offer currently over 60 specialist books published thus far to date, for Early Learning, Hobbies, Interests, and Pastimes. Subjects including; Children's Early Reading and Child Development, Technology, Philosophy and Spiritualism, Gardening, Tropical Fish Keeping, and Climate Change. 

Getting back to our roots, with Great Music recorded the traditional way using our "Pineapple Blue True Sound" so the strings bounce out at you, and you think the performance of the music is in your very own front room. With over 200 great tracks and pieces of music for British Invasion; Old Country, Classic Rock, Blues, Rock and Roll. With over a dozen Albums and Singles, all original music written since the 1970's, through to the current day!      

Traditional Printed Books

Even with all our great technology advances today in society, the traditional printed book is still something very special. Throughout the archives of The Getty Institute's labyrinth of images, you will always come across many photo's with students and academics of our time, and throughout our history sporting a printed book under their arm, as they walk across the University grounds. Traditional books are gateways to a plethora of topics, and subjects the world over, and with editions going back centuries. And so we are very humbled and proud to produce our specialist books in traditional print as tangible items, and ones we believe to become valuable companions and friends, serving as specialist reference books for greater enlightenment. And thus becoming very important additions to any Patrons Library or Collection.  Please Visit Our Printed Books >>

Great Original Music

In the sixties, it was the age of Cold War and the Atomic Bomb. However, things were about to blow up and change with a young post war generation having jobs and money. This nuclear option and explosion came in Britain at the beginning of the 1960's, when four lads from Liverpool changed Western Society and the World forever! So many were inspired and influenced by The Beatles phenomena in music across Britain to California. Like then, our Great Music is original and unique, songs written in the 1970's to the current day. British Invasion real old Country, Classic Rock, Blues, Rock and Roll. Recorded in Pineapple Blue True Sound using traditional authentic methods and techniques used back in the days of live recording, to get that organic sound, so the gig's in your front room, and your windows are falling out! Please Visit Our Original Music >>  

Digital eBook Formats

Since the nineties Digital Electronic Media in the form of Magazines and Books, has been something we have constantly sort to develop and create. Today thankfully, these ambitions have been realized and achieved with the advancements of Html 5.01 and CSS 3.0 by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). With programmable formats today in the form of Kindle (Amazon) and eBook (EPUB). As a result, this enables us as publishers, to design and format traditional books into these new forms of reading material. So an array of technology devices such as; Desktop PC's, Tablets, Smartphones, eBook Readers, to even Smart Televisions, can now deliver and render these Digital eBook Formats. Our first book published in 1989 "The Discus Book" is now available today as an Amazon Kindle or Digital eBook. Complimented with over 60 other Digital eBook and Kindle variable format titles. Please Visit Our Digital eBooks >>

Children's Early Education

Early Learning is critical for every Child around the World, and in fact the very early years from baby to infant is the most absorbing time of learning for a Human Being. This period of learning must also encompass love and compassion. The understanding of the wider world, learning of our environment and wild life, as being two key areas, so our young grow up to become responsible, caring, and compassionate Human Beings. In simple terms good shepherds! Other important features include; the learning of traditions, and values, the importance of family, love, and truth. All these elements need to be key features in Children's early learning and development. 

This is why our Children's Weebies Early Learning Books have been created with these built in features. Unique books designed in fractals, a universal language of the Cosmos, for faster and easier learning, especially surrounding eye and mind recognition. 

Also, these books encourage drawing from the colourful illustrations, thus helping to develop hand co-ordination, as processed and seen through the eyes of young Children processing and functioning in fractals, hence why Children's drawings are always square, rectangular, or round in early years. This is how the mind of a child functions, the mind processing in fractals. 

Continuing to update this "About Page" - Last Modified and Updated: 22nd November 2023