Pineapple Blue Independent Records

Insight: Our Story and History

A very warm welcome to Pineapple Blue Independent Records, for an insight about us and our history. Pineapple Blue is nearly 30 years old, and I created, invented, and founded Pineapple Blue the Organization and the brand back in 1994. Pineapple Blue in fact was one of the World's very first Digital Electronic Media Design Houses, and so the forming of Pineapple Blue Independent Records as a Record Label, was a pretty natural straight forward operation back in 2017. But the history of us, and the experience of the music industry goes way back, to the early 1970's. In fact, it was in 1970 when I first took up playing the guitar, listening to The Beatles, Motown, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Etta James, Aretha Franklin and many other great artists of the time, and some sadly gone, as a result of tragedy. And it was in the late 70's a Manager in London wanted to sign me as a Vocalist and Guitarist, along with

my music that I had written. But knowing the industry as I did, and only just recently at the time splitting up from my Band in the late 70's Orion Express in the UK, I was reluctant to go along with all the hype and false promises. It got so bad with this manager, threatening to murder me if I didn't sign; for a while I had to leave London for my own safety. But this was nothing new, the same problems existed in the States with a lot of the Black Motown Bands getting ripped off and threatened when touring. Apparently, Aretha wouldn't perform until she got paid first. Tough wise Lady, and greatly loved and missed!

I started writing songs in the early 70's, even writing on days fishing up the pier when nothing was being caught, and this is where I met Pete, who use to stay at his Nan's at Leigh-on-sea in the Summer. Some days, we would both sit on the Old Pier head writing, and compared notes. Even our Club Chairman Jack Ray was a Bass Player in the Al Roy Trio, with past fame at Ronnie Scotts in London. They were great times, and now fondly remembered in song. It was again through tragedy that Pineapple Blue Records was formed. My life long friend, school mate, jamming buddy

Michael White, a former Band member of the Thompson Twins died. And knowing the circumstances surrounding his death, and being one of the very last people in the world to be in contact with him in Australia, it knocked me for six, and I experienced this great compassionate urge to write something again, and as a tribute to Mike. And so literally within days, almost like being a spiritual vessel, I wrote "Living in the Shadows". After about three days I had written another couple of songs, and realized with some of my previous written music I had an album to produce, record and release. And so I got help from friends at PPL (Decca and Emi Limited) in London, and from the guys in Philadelphia, USA. This led to the creation of Pineapple Blue Independent Records in 2017, our very own Record Label. This also gave me license to record my music the traditional way with the development of our "True Sound", a method used by The Beatles, back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. In effect, "True Sound" is live studio recording. Performing the entire songs from start to finish, and then again with another instrument, or vocals laying down another track, and again

playing from start to finish. Proper recording I call it, not this slice and dice rubbish today. But playing real music by Folk who can actually play real instruments, thus capturing the very soul of the music from it's early birth and beginning, when first recorded and played, and never forgetting it was something George was always concerned and critical of, what he called manufactured music. Our music is in no way manufactured, our music is earthy, real, and true. And our recording and music exploits continues, by releasing new music we have planned, as well as our back catalogue of music going right back to the 70's and around 200 songs in total I have written over the years.

Again today, we have lost great friends in the music industry, including; Terry Hall from The Specials. And very sadly, many other Musician and Writer Friends this past year in the industry internationally. And so out of respect to them, our friends lost. Who have now gone up to the "Big Gig" in the sky. We mortals down here on Earth at Pineapple Blue Records, will continue to record and make great music in "True Sound" for Folk wanting the real earthy, under the finger nails material, where the strings bounce out at you, and regarding our Rock and Roll, or Classic Rock, with the volume turned up, the aim being your neighbours windows fall out!

We will continue to uniquely produce and record in "True Sound" here in the Home Counties, London, England, new and back catalogue music for singles and albums, producing Masters at Pineapple Blue and Abbey Road on occasions. and then handing these Masters to our friends in Philadelphia, USA, for release, and distribution. Most, if not all of our releases can be found on all the major Retailers and Distributors, in addition to Apple Music.

Move ahead and What the Future Holds

In truth, regarding what the future holds, none of us know. You only have to take my life and all it's twists and turns. One minute at the age of 19 years, I was one of the very Best Vocalists around, and a Great Guitarist, a natural Folk said, as I refined my art back then. But fate dealt me a bad hand, by running into a lunatic in the music industry who threatened my life, causing me to get out of the industry. For survival is a pretty big motivational point in life. But now fortunately, after surviving long covid and heart failure, still being here, there must be a reason, and I know it's to do with the music in my soul. So now at that grand old age of what the Beatles called "when I'm 64", and as I see more music friends and acquaintances pass onto pastures new. The show must go on here at Pineapple Blue Records, for Great Fab Music in; Folk, Country, Contemporary Pop, Soul, R&B, Blues, Classic Rock, Rock and Roll.......

Cheers to All, Sincere Best Wishes, Alastair Agutter- (Aggie Musician and Songwriter) Founder of Pineapple Blue

Written and Published: 20th of December 2022