Pineapple Blue Media is one of the world's very first ever Digital Electronic Media Design Houses. Founded back in the mid 1990's by Alastair R Agutter (Computer Scientist, Author and Musician Songwriter). And continues today advancing the Human Story and Journey for the Greater Good with Great Music, Printed Books, Digital Publications and Academic Papers. Thank You!

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Thank you for your interest in our Great Books and Music all available through our international partners such as; Amazon, Barnes Noble, Books2Read (Broadway), Apple iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. Thank You Alastair :)

Mission Statement: Pineapple Blue continues to deliver creative light, advancing the human story and journey for the greater good as a; Broadcaster, Publisher and Producer for Modern Contemporary Music, Educational Reference Books and Academic Papers. Thank You!.

General Enquiries: And for all written feedback and general enquiries, please get in touch:

International Telephone Number: +44(0)749 821 3925

Pineapple Blue - "Advancing the Human Story and Journey for the Greater Good."

Alastair Agutter Pineapple Blue Founder

Pineapple Blue Founded and Established in 1994 and is a Trademark protected brand under English and Welsh Law. Pineapple Blue was created by Alastair Agutter and was one of the World's very 1st Digital Electronic Media Design Houses to deliver creative light to the World Wide Web and Media World.

Pineapple Blue - Trademark

Pineapple Blue Media

Pineapple Blue Independent Records Founded by Alastair R Agutter

Pineapple Blue Publishing and Broadcasting

Alastair Agutter Digital Publications. London, England, United Kingdom





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