Dear Reader Patrons and Music Lovers

This is the 'New' PINEAPPLE BLUE official Web5G site currently under design and construction, hosted by our world renowned friends here at Google. I apologize for the disruption to this service for our Great Music recorded and released in true sound on Pineapple Blue Independent Records. Or for our Specialist Reference Books, for Early Learning, Hobbies, Interests, and Pastimes, through our Pineapple Blue Media Publications and Alastair Agutter Digital Publications. But in truth, we all know that there is never a good time to make changes, but from our intelligence gathering, and being an accurate weather vain since the 90's, regarding the Geographical Landscape of the World Wide Web. We know such changes now are paramount, in the interests of our Patrons safety, and well being.

From our further studies, and research in these very sad and challenging times, we want to deliver a web site that is the very best in suitability and taste for our Patrons to Navigate and Explore. So we can endeavour to journey with you all safely, as we all continue to face Life's Human Story. Thus, plotting new and further adventures and discoveries together, with our Great Books and Great Music. Continuing to inspire, being a "Beacon of Creative Light and Hope" for all our Mariners at World's End of every age, and not forgetting our Alien Ancestors throughout the Cosmos and Cyberspace, as we plan to yet again reach for the stars!

Our Pineapple Blue URL and URI addresses, to reach this destination again are; and

Sincere Best Wishes, Alastair Agutter. Thank You!

7th of October 2020