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The Canvas of Life Album - Out Now!

Great News Out Now! "The Canvas of Life Album on CD-ROM" for all Music Lovers World-Wide for British Invasion Old Country, Classic Rock and Blues. 12 fantastic tracks traditionally recorded and produced by Pineapple Blue in "True Sound" at a Studio in the English Countryside on the outskirts of London, the Mecca and home of Classic Rock and Pop since the 50's and 60's.

All these fantastic tracks on "The Canvas of Life Album MP3" are all originally written by Aggie since the 70's to the current day, and released for the very first time. Including mythical legendary tracks rumoured to have existed back in the 70's "The Mariner" and "The Night Watchman" written by the artist when living in Southend and Leigh in Essex. Read more, get the full low down here >>

World's Best Seller on Fish Food Recipes!

Sometimes when a piece of music, or chapter of a book, is written by an artist, or author, they seem to instinctively know that there is something different and special about the work. Gut feelings and good vibes we all experience at times in our lives, and as a result producing something that goes on to become a raving success! The Author had a good feeling about this publication when writing it as the World's 1st Recipe Book dedicated to making fish food. But not just any fish food, but "High Protein Super Foods" in fact, to ensure disease free, healthy, happy tropical fish, enjoying a high protein varied diet.

The publication "Super Foods Tropical Fish and Discus Book" continues to be in the Amazon Best Sellers Lists, and successfully sold World-Wide in Traditional Print and Digital Formats including; Amazon Kindle, and Apple iBooks. The book even details the minerals, vitamins, and proteins, found in every ingredient and every recipe throughout the book. So often fish food is the very last item purchased, but in reality is; the first and most critical consideration, for keeping healthy, happy, tropical fish! The book is understandably not very popular in the commercial world, as the book shows Hobbyists "how to" save many pounds, read more >>

Brighton Beach - A Feel Good Song!

As a kid in the 1960's and 1970's, walking along Southend Seafront in the Summer, to reach the Pier, to go Fishing. There would always be rows of Coaches, offering day trips, and mystery tours, for the holiday makers, many from London, down for the day. This was not unique to just Southend, but every well known Seaside venue throughout Great Britain. From Scarborough, Blackpool, to Great Yarmouth, Weston Super Mere, to Clacton, Southend, and Brighton on the South Coast, to mention just a few. The aroma of Candy Floss, Fish and Chips, was always present. Along with the Kiss Me quick Hats, the smell of stout coming out of the pubs and the Jukebox bellowing out a sound. Brighton Beach is a fantastic original upbeat rock and roll song that is a tribute to the Fab Four (The Beatles) when the guys use to tour these venues, telling the story of that era. A real favourite to cheer folk up! Stream/Download >>

One of Amazon's Biggest Selling Books

The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special Edition, Celebrating 25 years, was written and published back in 2014. And today, the book continues to be one of Amazon's biggest, and best selling, Fish and Aquarium books. Distributed and sold world-wide in traditional print, and also on kindle digital format for technology devices. The 25 years celebration, relates back to when the author successfully bred Wild Discus in captivity, and published a book recording his notes and experiences to share with other Aquarists and as many other passionate Wild Life lovers. For it was feared, and still is today, the species under threat of extinction in the wild, as deforestation continues aggressively in the Amazon Regions of South America where the species are native. The Discus is known as the "King of the Aquarium" and for very good reason. Discus (symphysodon) are truly a magnificent species, and highly intelligent, rearing their young in the early days of hatching from a milt, that they deliberately produced across their bodies. The challenge was to breed these species in captivity successfully, a taboo and challenge that had existed with little, or no success, since the beginning of the tropical fish keeping hobby that began back in Victorian times in the 1800's, around the time of the Great Exhibition. The book is available to buy now from Amazon in traditional print and also on kindle >>

Dear Reader Patrons and Music Lovers

This is part of our 'New' PINEAPPLE BLUE official Web5G site operations, and now under serious web design construction including; the Shack (, hosted by our world renowned friends here at Google. I apologize for the disruption to these services for our Great Music recorded and released in true sound on Pineapple Blue Independent Records. Or for our Specialist Reference Books, for Early Learning, Hobbies, Interests, and Pastimes, through our Pineapple Blue Media Publications and Alastair Agutter Digital Publications. But in truth, we all know that there is never a good time to make changes, but from our intelligence gathering, and being an accurate weather vain since the 90's, regarding the Geographical Landscape of the World Wide Web. We know such changes are now paramount, in the interests of our Patrons safety, and well being. Plus, we have all been hit with a Global Pandemic and Financial inflation and deflation!

From our further studies, and research in these very sad and challenging times, we want to deliver a web sites on our Network that are the very best in suitability and taste for our Patrons to Navigate and Explore. So we can endeavour to journey with you all safely, as we all continue to face Life's Human Story. Thus, plotting new and further adventures and discoveries together, with our Great Books and Great Music. Continuing to inspire, being a "Beacon of Creative Light and Hope" for all our Mariners of all ages at World's End, and not forgetting our Alien Ancestors throughout the Cosmos and Cyberspace, as we plan to yet again reach for the stars!

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